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100T Wheat Milling Factory,Wheat Flour Milling Factory

Product name:100T Wheat Milling Factory,Wheat Flour Milling Factory

Product Name:100T Wheat Milling Factory,Wheat Flour Milling Factory

This wheat milling factory is composed of cleaning part, milling part, and packing part. After processed by wheat flour milling machine, you can get high quality flour to produce your special products. It is widely used in large scalw wheat milling factory.

Main Process of This Wheat Milling Factory:

1. Cleaning system: Beating→Screening→stoner→Magnetic separator→ Dampening

2. Flour milling system: Milling → Sifting

3. Packing system: packed from 1kg -50kg per bag.

4. Other related machines: Bucket elevator, Screw conveyor, Air lock, Galvanized pipe, Electric control cabinet,etc.

Feature of Wheat Milling Factory:

1. Turnkey project of wheat flour milling factory.

2. Advanced technology support and customized design.

3. Thorough crafts and rational allocation.

4. Low power consumption,high quality, best price.

5. Professional installation team and perfect after-sales service.

Main Parameters:

Model Item
6FTF-100 Wheat Milling Factory
Production capacity (T/24h)
Milling Techniques and
main machines
4 break – 6 reduction – 1 scratch – 1 tail – 2 purifying – 1 inspection – 1 bran brushing – 1 bran finishing, 10 – 50×2 double roller mill,3 - 6×24 multi-section plansifter,1 – 49×2×3 Purifier Impact detacher Computerized packing machine Impulse dust collector
Cleaning Techniques
3 sifting-2 scouring-2 destoning-3 magnetic separating-1 washing-2 dampening or 3 sifting-2 scouring-1 brushing-2 destoning- 1 sorting-3 magnetic separating-2 dampening(dry cleaning)
Products and extraction rate (%)
Grade 1 flour ≥68%, Grade 2 flour ≥78% According the consumer’s requirements, equipment can be adjusted to produce special precise flour, special flour or other flour for special use.
Flour quality
Better than GB1355-88 (National standard of China)
Power required (kW)
Around 300
Size of workshop(L×W×H, m)
3 storey and half building Or single storey workshop 35×8×10.5

Applications of Wheat Milling Factory Products:

1. Bread, Pastry, French brand,etc.

2. Pasta,Cake, cookies, mixed pastry cakes,etc

3. Steamed bread, steamed buns, noodles, Chinese pastry,snacks,etc.

Flow Diagram of This Wheat Milling Factory:

Our Factory:

Wheat Milling Factory Involved Machines:

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