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10T Mini Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Wheat Milling Machine

Product name:10T Mini Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Wheat Milling Machine

Product Name:10T Mini Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Wheat Milling Machine

The 10T mini wheat flour milling machine is popular in China and Eastsouth Aisa, Africa.

The whole mini wheat milling machine line consists of cleaning,destoning,dampening,milling,four grading and packing parts.

Process Flow for 10T Wheat Flour Milling Machine:

1. Impurities removal in the versatile cleaner/separator/destoner firstly.

2. Then the pure grain be transformed to intensive dampener/wheat washing machine for wetting.

3. After intensive dampening, the wheat will be stored for several hours in conditioning tank.

4. After wheat obtain the optimum moisture for milling, they will be crushed and milled in roller mill.

Wheat flour milling machine have their new own characteristics:

1. Having a compact structure,beautiful appearance and easy to operate. Feeding material automatically reduces labor intensity.

2. In a very simple way,the feeding is effected automatically and the continous milling is realized,so labor is saved a lot.

3. Conveying by air can decrease dust and improve the working environment.

4. Using high speed roller mill can improve production efficiency.

5. Easy to install,little investment and rapid effect.

Main Parameters:

10T mini wheat flour milling machine
Technology in cleaning part
1 screen, 1 scour, 1 destoner, 1 washer, 1 damper
Technology in milling part
2 sets of 6F1820 duoble roller mill, consist of the milling technology of 4 break, 2 reduction, 1 bran brusher
Production capacity
10 tons of wheat flour/24H
Power supply
Used under
380V, Frequency: 50HZ, below an elevation of 1000m
Workshop style and dimension

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