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80T Maize Flour Mills Project,Maize Flour Mill Project

Product name:80T Maize Flour Mills Project,Maize Flour Mill Project

Product Name:80T Maize Flour Mills Project,Maize Flour Mill Project

The 80T maize flour mils project used the advanced technology. It can produce the fine maize flour, maize grits(big,middle,small) , germ , bran etc. Our maize flour mill project is very popular and good evaluation in South America and Africa market .

This Maize Flour Mills Project Processing:

1. Cleaning machine

This small cleaning machine is designed special to clean corn at small capacity with three parts from up to down, it can sift, destone and wet the corn.

2. Peeling and degerming machine

It is used to peel and polish corn for individuals/home using. feed corn into the hopper and corn will be boosted by the spiral drum inside of the machine. there is a spoiler at the outlet and it generates resistance at the corn and corn will be rubber against each other. with a dust catcher, husks, germs and dust will be collected. in order to obtain a better peeling result, it is better wet the corn and store for 10-20 minute before go through this machine.

3. Grits making machine

This machine is mainly used to make grits and flour from corn at small scale. feed the corn in the hopper and corn will be crushed and grinded by cone mill, the crushed corn will be sifted and graded into three or four parts. we can customize it as per your requirement.

Main Parameters:

6FYDT-80 Maize Flour Mills Project
Products variety
1)  Maize flour 2)  Maize bran 3) Maize germ
Dimension of the factory
Install time
two-three months

Packaging and transport of maize flour mills project:
Maize Mill Project Processing Diagram:

Photos of Maize Flour Mills Project Workshop:

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