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         “ Shijiazhuang Jinggu Machinery  Co., Ltd." was established in 1998, covers an area of 25 acres, is located in the industrial zone of southern. It is a manufacturing enterprise who has the longest established life in Zanhuang Area and it has rich experiences in production and sales. The enterprise has 3 engineers, 1 external senior engineer and 5 domestic sales manager, several sales staff, mainly distribute in the plain areas of North China where has larger corn and wheat production.

         With the development of international trade and after research and consideration, the board of director of Zanhuang Flour Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. decided to built international trade department in 2012. The establishment of a foreign trade company with independent qualification will lay the foundation for the development of overseas markets and the formation of a group companies. Jinggu Flour Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” was established in 2013 to develope overseas markets, which has 1 engineer, 2 foreign trade managers and several export sales staff in International Sales Department. Engineer here is mainly to assist the export sales staff to develope the foreign markets, providing technical support. International sales people are all have a bachelor's degree who has good mastering of foreign language and skillful in international trade process operating. 

  we are willing to uphold the concept of honesty and trustworthiness, value production quality and customer serving, to welcome our valued customers from all around the world!

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