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Flour packing machine with double station

Product name:Flour packing machine with double station

Product Name: LCS Series Double Station Flour Ration Automatic Packing Machine

Double station flour ration automatic packing machine used to quantitative automatic weighing,measuring, filling, sealing of the powder material in the feed, food, grain, chemical, used in flour packing.

Main components:

Feeder, Single/Double Screw Conveyor Feeder, Double Weighing clip bag of metering device, Weighing instrument control cabinet, Sewing machine

LCS Series Double Station Flour Ration Automatic Packing Machine Main Function:

● Automatically Finish the function of materials control packaging, weight display, packaging sequence,fault alarm combined into one

● With functions of automatic storage, restore and debug parameter

● Automatically memory the control parameters of ten kinds weight of package, with the day volume of production, the number of accumulative bag,  total output, the total quantity of bags

● By the double feeding way of gravity and electromagnetic vibration, in order to Improve  accuracy and speed of working

● High brightness, fluorescence, two line four digit, in the real time to display the weight of package, accumulative capacity, the number of bag

● The adjustable function of Automatic peeling cycle, taking real function, the keyboard encryption, the time display

● Connect the computer and micro printer through standard interface with RS232 and RS485. It can print production data statistics through the Instrument’s connect and computer.

Main Technical:

Weighing range(kg)
Packing speed(bag/h)
Feeding form
Single/Double Screw Conveyor feeding
Operating Ambiance
Temperature: 0°C-50°C, Relative humidity:≤90%Rh
Air pressure
0. 4~0.6Mpa

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