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Grind Rice With Rice Flour Milling Machine
Author:Admin Time:2013-6-19

         Rice flour is ground from both brown and white rice, and its versatility permits it for use as you can wheat flour in your cooking recipes.

         Rice flour milling machine can not only save you a sub amount of money in long terms, but also provide your fresh nutritional flour enriched with vitamins, fibre and microelement to build your body.

         Cleaning process is a fundamental step in rice flour milling. Wash your rice in a strainer beneath cool running water in order to get rid of all impurities such as stones, dirt and also other foreign materials. Submerge rice into water for two to three hours. Then, dry it by using a strainer for around 15 minutes. At the last step, the paper bower is necessary to absorb the remaining moisture.

         Place the rice flour milling machine on a superb surface. Separate the rice into a few piles to help the grinding pass faster and save you the grinder from clogging. Insert the rice into the grain mill’s grinder spout and grind the rice. Positioned the ground rice within cheese fabric and place the cheese fabric in a strainer or sieve within a sink with a heavy item on most sensible of it until any remaining water is tired-off.

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