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Maize Dry Milling Process
Author:Admin Time:2013-6-4

         Maize milling is a universal way to add the extra value of maize. There are two main way of maize milling: wet milling and dry milling, which is mainly used in industry alcohol process. After mill, you will get maize grits, maize meal, maize starch and maize germ, which are necessary in making food, and ethonal.

         Basic process of maize flour milling includes cleaning, de-stoning, peeling, then degerming, milling and the final step, separating different products. In degerming process, what you need to do first is dry clean the maize and separated broken maize from the entire one and removes foreign material and dirt, dust. During the wet clean process, the majority of dust, bran, germ and so on will be removed and left endosperm. After cleaning, maize should be kept 20% moisture. Then, smaller grits, meals are produced by utilizing roller mill, grinding and aspirating machine.

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