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Adjustment of square Plansifter
Author:Fabor Time:2015-8-21

 Trial operation, should check the screen body circle meets the requirement, thismachine rotary direct 64, elliptic degree greater than 2, if you do not meet the requirements, can be adjusted according to the following procedures:

 M type plansifter: through the methods of increasing or decreasingweight block, to adjust the circle diameter of the objective.

H, P, L typeplansifter: by adjusting the balance of iron and the transmission shaft distance (the distance larger circle diameter is larger), changing pictures of diameter of flat screen. Change of distance 5mm, turning diameter to produce the 2mm variable.

Flat screen in the process of operation, the lower part of the rotary diameter, should be consistent, if not consistent, can through the following ways to adjust:

M type plansifter: if the top bottom rotary rotary large diameter, small diameter, increasing weight of blocks in the balance iron top. If the bottom rotary large diameter, top turning diameter small, increase in iron bottom counter weight balance.

H, P, L type plansifter: if the top bottom rotary rotary large diameter,small diameter, the balance of iron to move up, if the bottom diameter rotary, rotarydiameter small top, balance iron down.

Too much tension triangle belt will cause fracture bearing damage or motor shaft,too loose will disrupt the flat screen to start, flat screen, small fluctuation, turn slowly,so that the sifting efficiency reduce. Such as the discovery of this kind of situation,adjust the adjustment screw two belt between round, so that the belt work under normal conditions.

The adjustment can be normal after commissioning. Flat screenmust precede the feeder starting. Shutdown, we must first turn off the feeder, and then turn off the screen. Commissioning operation should be no channeling powder,powder leakage phenomenon.


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