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Routine maintenance of square Plansifter
Author:fabor Time:2015-8-21

Plansifer’s door is made of high quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, the sieve boxinner wall heat insulation material is composed of high quality lining and. Thecomposite structure is very sensitive to shock, please don't clean up the material channel with a sharp or similar device, when necessary, available neutral soap water to clean the inner surface.

To regularly check whether there is a clamping piece of wire and cable wear little or loose.

To seal the sealing parts of the regular inspection. Opening inspection, application of soft brush will seal all the cleaning, destruction or seal loses its elasticity to the timely replacement of damaged by excessive, not pressed fix seal.

Should always check whether there is a blockage of sieve. If there is a blockage,should take immediate measures, do not start has been blocked or obstruction of the flat screen is filled with the material sieve, sieve nor no material long time operation, otherwise the screen surface lattice and cleaner will suffer unnecessarywear. If the sieve must be shut down for several days, should remove the import and export cloth cylinder or observe the cover, to ensure the sieve and the powder has good ventilation road.

In order to ensure the sifting efficiency, feeding should as far as possible rules, andto accept load approximately the same amount of each bin. Flow fluctuation will be a serious impact on flat screen sieve effect.


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