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Sqare plansifter Structural features-02
Author:fabor Time:2015-7-16

      it requires the user after the machine running for half of a year to make the steel frame and the screen box beam and connecting boltand screen body connecting bolt loosening and then re fastening, so that various structural internal stress can be redistributed, so that the stress state is improved 。

The lattice is a cube.The machine configuration of high quality wooden double veneer sticking plasticstandard lattice and expanded pellet. Sieve group each bin by the top grid, sieve,sieve bottom and lattice pad is composed of a grid. It can be composed of different screen to make lattice screen road with different treatment process, to meet the different requirements of sieve. The screen is fixed on the screen surface lattice, the user selects the appropriatefixation method. Fix the screen between the wire mesh f and screen surface lattice below, place four or six cleaning block is used to clean the screen.Screen fixing shall be configured in a sieve screen surface lattice grid, at the same time in the sieve box to place two or three material pushing block, in order to promote the rapid discharge of undersize. The screen surface lattice into installation screen sieve lattice, lattice should be slightly higher than the sieve screen surface lattice plane, but shall not exceed 0.5.
 Compaction device 
Pressing sieve frame is composed of two parts of horizontal compression andvertical compaction. The level of compaction is a set of pressing device used in front of the screen grid, vertical compressing adopt screw mechanism directly press.Pressing sieve lattice, usually start with horizontal pressing mechanism will screen lattice aligned, then use a vertical compressing mechanism of pre pressing, and the horizontal and vertical compressing alternately.

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