Adjustment of destoner

Time:2018-10-16 17:50 Author:Jinggu Machinery
      1 Vibration direction angle

      During working, loosen the lock handle and turn the vibration-indicating disc to make the images of small circles be in line. Then lock the handle. Here, the graduation that the pointer aims at is the vibration direction angle. Commonly, this angle is about 30o, and has been adjusted before leaving factory.
      2 Adjust the amplitude

      During working and when the vibration-indicating disc is in the correct position (above-mentioned), the graduation at the cross point of measuring line and graduation line is the actual amplitude. If the value of amplitude is not in the range of 4~5 mm and the cleaning effect is poor, you can adjust the amplitude by adjusting the eccentric lumps of vibrating motor. Enlarge the value of X to increase the amplitude . Note: The two vibrating motors must be adjusted in the same way, and lock them after adjusting. 

Adjustment of destoner
Adjustment of destoner


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