Maintenance and trouble removing of destoner

Time:2018-10-16 17:50 Author:Jinggu Machinery
      Clean the sieve surface once a week to keep sieve surface unblocked. Draw out the sieve with handle and clean it by using compressed air or steel brush. It is not allowed to strike the sieve surface with hammer to avoid distortion. Check sieve surface and replace the worn one in time. Weaving mesh must be stretched and fixed flatly on the wooden frame.

      Lubricate the bearing of motor with high temperature grease once every three months.  should add high-temperature grease per three month. Often check if the handle, electric bolt and other fastening parts are loose. Fix them firmly.

      During working, if the vibration is out of order, please check if rotation speed of two motor is coincident, and if eccentric lumps are loose and if there are damaged parts such as supporting springs, adjustable rod, rubber ring etc.

      During the working, if effect of classification and destoning is poor, please check the opening of wind gate, and position of stone valve plate and the feeding flow. The spring should be replaced by pair.

      If the machine will not work for long time, It should place a dry place and assemble the fixing plate. (see Fig.5)

Maintenance and trouble removing of destoner
Maintenance and trouble removing of destoner


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