Operation of high efficiency vibrating sieve

Time:2018-10-16 17:46 Author:Jinggu Machinery
      1. Preparation before starting machine

      1) Remove the protector angle steel.

      2)  Check if the sieves are assembled well and the quantity of cleaning ball in each sieve. Commonly, there are 3 cleaning balls in each sieve square and the max number are 6 pieces. You can adjust the number according to the sieve’s working condition.

      3) Check rotation direction of vibrating motor. The two vibrating motor must revolve in opposite direction, (see the fig 8) and start/stop or running in step.

      4) Check if the distributing plate (7) is fixed firmly. See Fig. 2. Assemble the soft connector and fasten the snaplock..

      5) Make sure there is no tools and other things on or leaning on the machine.

      2. No load starting

      1) Check reading value on the indicating plate.

      2) Check if the rubber springs are loose or run out.

      3) After running the machine for 10~15 minutes, check the bolts for driving part with a torque spanner and the torque should be up to 8 kgf.m. Check and make sure all the fixing bolts are not loosen.

      3. Run with load

      1) Check if the stock flow is uniform and be well scattered. If not, adjust it according to the before said method.

      2) Adjust the vertical suction channel and make it up to a good cleaning effect. 

Operation of high efficiency vibrating sieve
Operation of high efficiency vibrating sieve


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