Structure of high efficiency vibrating sieve

Time:2018-10-16 17:49 Author:Jinggu Machinery
      This machine is composed of sieve body with two layers of sieve surface, feeding device, discharging device, frame, and vibrating motor and vertical suction channel.
      Sieve body
      Sieve body is made of steel plate. The vibrating motor driving mechanism is assembled in the center position of sieve body, and the material throwing angle is adjustable in the range of 0~45o. Sieve is fixed on the sieve body (See Fig. 3), and the sieve body is supported by hollow rubber spring.

      Feeding device

      Feeding device is made of steel plate and connected by bolts. It can rotate down when you need to assemble/disassemble the sieve.

      Discharging device

      The discharging device is connected with sieve body by bolts.

      Machine frame
      Sieve body is supported by a steel beam. The steel beam is assembled on the frame and can move up or down. You can adjust the tilt angle of sieve body in the range of 0~12o by moving the beam.

      Vibrating motor

      Vibrating motor drives the sieve body to vibrate. It makes the vibrating mechanism become simple and is convenient for adjusting the amplitude and the throwing angle.

      Vertical suction channel

Structure of high efficiency vibrating sieve
Structure of high efficiency vibrating sieve


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