The examination and verification before Starting

Time:2018-10-26 11:38 Author:Jinggu Machinery
     ● Sieve suspension should be level to ensure vertical suspender suspender, uniformtension, wire rope is slack.
     ● Suspended beams shall be stable
   ● The sieve body above and transmission steel cavity free tools, people or other objects. Flour Milling Machine
     ● The transmission part can rotate freely, the bearings must be lubricated.
     ● Check all the bolts, screws, nuts  wether installed and fastening.
     ● All the machine cover, a machine door, side seal plate must be in the correct position and tighten according to provisions.wheat flour processing plant
     ● Feeding cloth cylinder installation to stay relaxed, and can not bedistorted.
     ● The electric appliance part shall be connected correctly, and with a shake table determination of insulation strength, ensure no leakage phenomenon, safe and reliable. Motor rotation direction should be consistent with the   requirements of.Bonding rubber and electrical cables, fixed on the transmission frame inside with thewire clamp, user connection, need to check the connection and fixation, the cable from the wire hole beam to beam wear positive, according to the installed electric wire clamp to the fixed cable to the boom under the seat, and then along the boomand fixed, the top until the boom connect power line

successful case