Start up test of square Plansifter

Time:2018-10-26 11:35 Author:Jinggu Machinery
     ●The sieve must start in a completely stationary state. Start switch to be decisive, nothesitate, start time lasted about 3 seconds, until it reaches the rated speed.
     ● After the start of observation for 8-10 minutes, until smooth operation, measure and record the turning diameter and rotational speed.
     ● Flat screen during start up, operation, shutdown, the boom should not close to any installation support and other objects.
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     ● Flat screen shutdown, inertia in the process of operation, the rotary diameterincreases, then the rotary motion into vibration or irregular random walk, until themachine is completely static, this is normal.
     ● After the shutdown boot again, time interval of not less than 5 minutes. Electricswitch device must have interlocking relay, the motor off after interlock relay should make not motor within this time started again, again starting in the absence of sievecan not completely still before. And do not allow the use of hand door or using other methods to stop forcing sieve.
     ● The test run should be no abnormal sound and bump phenomenon. If abnormal,should stop immediately find out the reasons, and properly handle the after test. wheat flour milling machine

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