Regular maintenance of square Plansifter

Time:2018-10-26 11:17 Author:Jinggu Machinery
     ● Monthly check screen frame clamping and sealing status

     ● The bearing has been full of grease in the factory. Flat screen in the use process,injection 40g grease in each bearing every three months. Every time the replacement of bearings, each bearing grease into at least 1kg of not more than 35DEG C, bearing temperature rise, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 DEG C, the annual waste grease must be removed by the end of accumulation, and inject new grease according to the provisions of.      ● Six months check triangle belt and V-belt tensioning situation.

     ● Every six months to check all the bolts, screw is in the correct position and is loose,check whether the vertical sieve, check the speed and the turning diameter, all parts of the lubrication.

     ● Two years to replace the triangle belt.

     ● Twelve years to replace glass hanger.

     ● Every time after the start of a month, each time replacing the belt after one month check the belt tension. Inspected once every six months the triangle belt. Triangle belt use no more than two or 1500 work. Do not replace the single belt, set a few root belt shall be equal, replacement and replace. Replace the triangle belt at the same time, a small belt wheel cleaning inspection.

     ● Sieve due to changes in seal elastic during use, so that the screen grid slightly settlement, so that the total height is reduced, it should be in the boot of a month and then inspected once every six months sieve total height, when necessary to fill the grid to ensure the installation of vertical compressing mechanism can effectively compress screen grid security.

     ● The door sealing strip can be used for many years, if wear or elastic failure, please also replace all sealing.

     ● Must be regularly cleaning sieve mount lattice inside with a soft brush, otherwise it will cause the screen blocking.

     ● Bearing oil seal must be replaced periodically (one year). In addition, we must replace the oil seal replacement of bearings.
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