Structural features of Sqare plansifter-01

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Structural features of Sqare plansifter-01
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FSFG series Square plansifter is combined by the screen box, transmission steel frame, beam, hanging, lattice and compaction device and other parts. Equipped with transmission device of steel and equipped with a certain number of mesh on either side of the screen box, through a dismantling bolt connection together,and through the beam connections, make them form a Square plansifter body.
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For such a rigid overall structure,it requires the user after the machine running for half of a year to make the steel frame and the screen box beam and connecting boltand screen body connecting bolt loosening and then re fastening, so that various structural internal stress can be redistributed, so that the stress state is improved 。
3.1 Screen box
The sieve box is made of high quality alloy steel material, good rigidity, high strength. The sieve box adopts a heat insulation structure of anti condensation andhigh quality materials, smooth inner wall of health, and has good capability oferosion 。
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3.2  Transmission steel frame
Rigidity of transmission is adopting welding structure, the selection of manufacturing, quality alloy steel has the advantages of simple structure, reliable fastening. Driving device is in transmission steel internal central, driving motor installed in therack plate through the motor plate. Motor drive the rotation of the main shaft through the triangle belt, a balance ironarranged on the spindle rotates, so as to realize the rotary motion of the screen body.
 H, P, L series screen through the balance of iron and spindle distance change, to adjust the turning diameter sieve body, adjust balance under the iron on the spindle,can guarantee the sieve body under the turning diameter consistent. M series screen by increasing or decreasing the weight of the counterweight iron, to adjust theturning diameter of the sieve.
3.3  Beam
The beam is two groups of sieve box and the transmission frame is integrally connected component, has the advantages of simple structure, beautiful appearance. At the same time, rely on the hanging seat under safe and effectivepressing hanging group, to achieve the suspension of the working state of the screen body.
3.4  Hanging
This screen adopts FRP hanging method, makes the screen body swam in the starting and stopping distance is small, swimming time less.At the same time equipped with four insurance rope.
FSFG Series Square Plansifter

FSFG Series Square Plansifter


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