Nutritious Maize Grits Line

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Jinggu Complete Maize Flour Milling Plant Grain Processing Service : Cleaning ,Sorting,Grading,Drying,Milling,Sifting and Packing.
Sorting and cleaning dry maize grain for production. The installed capacity to clean grain is up to 2.5 metric ton per hour.
Magnetic separator (a machine in Cleaning Equipment) usually put before heavy beating or scraping machine, such as hammer mill Roller Mill, degerminator and so on.
We've remodeled our corn grit mill. Now provides Grits in both Fine and Coarse textures.

30T maize flour processing plant

The Fine Grits are of sizes 0.3-0.4mm; and the Coarse Grits of sizes 0.6-0.8mm
It can process up to 5 metric ton of grits a week, and can double the capacity to meet large clients needs .
Jinggu Maize Flour Machine produce Nutritious Corn Flour : Nutritive Value
Jinggu Maize grits line presents Nutritious Corn Flour, it is slightly sifted and has a host of health benefits for households, schools and other institutional clients.

10T Maize Flour Milling machine
Nutritious Corn Flour contains essential oil and vitamins, with antioxidant properties but without cholesterol. Antioxidants neutralize the effects of harmful free radicals that cause diseases like cancer. The antioxidant betacryptoxanthin prevents lung cancer, while lutein prevents age related vision loss. Antioxidants slow cognitive decline and conditions like Alzheimer's. Vitamin C boosts immunity and fights infections, while the presence of vitamin E gives anti-aging properties.
Nutritious Corn Flour has a slight fraction of germ and bran, an essential roughage to aid digestion.The high fiber content prevents constipation and colorectal cancer.
Nutritious Corn Flour has a lot of carbohydrates for generating energy. It is also very rich in thiamine or vitamin B1, which is necessary for the brain to absorb glucose and to transform that food into energy. Biotin or Vitamin B7 give nutritional benefits to maize, since the deficiency of this vitamin in the body affects the state of the skin and hair. This energy pack will allow you at least 6 hours of hard work before need for additional meals.
Nutritious Corn Flour is an essential source of iron, which is essential in building blood tissues. It also contains a lot of proteins for building body tissues.
Nutritious Corn Flour contains Thiamine, required for boosting memory, cognitive functions and nerve health, and pantothenic acid is essential for energy, as it is linked to carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism. It also contains Folate, an essential requirement, specially during pregnancy; Phosphorus, to maintain normal growth, kidney function and bone health; Magnesium which partly regulates the heart rate. Nutritious Corn Flour aids the body to lower LDL cholesterol and guards against cardiac diseases, diabetes and hypertension.

30T maize flour processing plant

30T maize flour processing plant
There are no known health hazards associated with Nutritious Corn Flour, and it is recommended if you purchase and use from its quality pack.
Nutritious Corn Flour is packed in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 50kg packs ideal for multiple sizes of households, institutions and schools. While for the Quality Bran, prepackaged in 50 kg bags, an ideal ingredient for all livestock feeds.
We Jinggu offer turnkey-project, such as the Steel Structure Warehouse customized for maize meal machine .
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